Which Is Better CLA or L Carnitine?

Which Is Better CLA or L Carnitine?

The perennial debate continues: Which is better - CLA or L Carnitine? If you want to know Nutra Botanics’ take on it, keep on reading!


Two health supplements that promise to help you achieve your dream bod, but which one actually keeps its promise?

Let’s talk about CLA first.

CLA or conjugated linoleic acid is most commonly found in Omega 6 fatty acid found in large amounts in vegetable oils. When I first wrote researched about CLA, I concluded that using this supplement would mean fighting fat with fat.

Here’s how it works. CLA increases your basal metabolic rates. What is your basal metabolic rate? This is the minimum amount of energy the body needs to function. Simply put, the higher the BMR, the more calories burned. When there are more calories burned, the longer you endure and the better your performance in the gym. CLA not only helps the body convert calories into energy but also keeps little fat cells from getting bigger, which can lead to the alteration of the body’s fat-to-muscle ratio. When you use CLA, weight loss is not necessarily weight loss, but could mean muscle gain.

Now, off to L Carnitine.

L Carnitine is an amino acid that moves long-chain fatty acids from the blood into the mitochondria to be burned and used as energy. It is the vehicle that speeds up the process of burning calories. Because of this, you are also guaranteed an optimum performance in the gym. Without enough L-Carnitine, most fats will not be able to enter the mitochondria and be burned. The beautiful thing about L-Carnitine is that it does the work best when you are working out, but even when you are resting.

So, which is Better - CLA or L Carnitine?

Our answer is…

...they are better together!

We decided it is time to end this feud which should not have existed in the first place. We get it, they are both burners so it’s easy to compare, but when you look closely and see what they do best for the body, you will know that no two things can offer the same thing, with the same exact effectivity. I personally feel different when I workout on L-Carnitine. It helps me last longer, but when I use CLA, I feel energetic, but only for a shorter period of time. L-Carnitine’s energy boosting is gradual. But, with CLA? I see results in my body. I see muscles that were not there before.

So, let’s stop pitting these two awesome burners against each other, and see the magic they can create when used together.

The more awesome news? Nutra Botanics carries both L Carnitine and CLA. Both products are produced with the highest quality for our dear consumers who want to achieve their fitness goals. We guarantee that our products are of the finest quality because the success of your journey is our satisfaction.

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