The Healthiest (Best) Alternative to Beef Jerky

The Healthiest (Best) Alternative to Beef Jerky

In this day and age, snacking can save your life. I’m not kidding! With everything needing your constant and undivided attention, sometimes we forget to do the most basic necessity: eat. That is why the food industry is continuously evolving and coming up with new food items for our convenience.

However, today, instant or quick-cooking food almost always means the same as unhealthy food. Pumped with preservatives, sodium, and artificial flavorings, many instant food items we consume today are deemed to be bad for our health and can cause a variety of diseases.

The good thing, though, is that more and more food manufacturers are stepping up. It is no longer just about the profit for them - it is also about providing the world a better chance at health and to be able to eat clean and healthy. Today, I am going to talk about the best healthy beef snack sticks by Mission Meats.

My affinity with beef sticks began at a very young age. I like eating them as a snack whenever I crave something salty, when I just want to cleanse my palate whenever I eat something excessively sweet, or when I want to munch on something at midnight. However, we all know that these innocuous and random beef sticks hankering come at a price. A cup of regular beef jerky will earn you 369 calories, 30 grams protein, 23 grams fat, and about 10 grams carbohydrate. Plus, it also has about 537 milligrams potassium, 7 milligrams zinc, but also more than 1800 milligrams sodium. As you know, beef jerky is processed meat which places us, religious eaters, at a higher risk for cancer and other diseases.

It is an amazing thing that Mission Meats has come up with a healthier alternative: healthy beef snack sticks made from 100% grass-fed and pasture-raised beef.



Mission Meats takes pride in their product because they do not use sugar, dextrose fillers, nitrates, hormones, antibiotics, GMOs or genetically-modified organisms, MSG or monosodium glutamate, or gluten to give flavor to this ultimate protein snack. As you all know, the aforementioned components are more often than not used in regular beef jerkies we consume today, but such is not the case with Mission Meats.

With the meats coming from the United States and Australia, you are sure that they are subject to adhere to the highest standard of quality. They are also free-range, which means the animals are not contained or caged. They are able to move around freely.

Unlike regular beef jerky products, Mission Meats’ healthy beef snack sticks will only cost you 80 calories per serving of 28 grams. It also contains 6 grams of total fat - 2.5 g of which is saturated fat, 320 mg of sodium, and 1 gram of carbohydrates.  

Before getting my hands on these yummy treats, I decided to read about Mission Meats online to see what the ongoing buzz is about them and their products. Most of what I have read were very encouraging, while some concerned me. One issue that caught my attention was the molding some customers saw in their orders. This did not stop me because I believe this only to be a good sign since the molds can be taken as a proof that Missions Meats’ products are all natural. If this is the case with some orders, though, they need to beef up on their packaging.

When I received my order, not one stick had a mold on it. I think it is safe to assume that Mission Meats did their part and improved the packaging issue. I like that each beef stick is individually-wrapped, or more like sealed. The packaging is straightforward and had no frills. I did not waste any time and immediately helped myself to a tasty treat!

The first thing I noticed on the first bite is the flavor. I mean, how can something without preservatives or artificial flavor be so tasty? To be honest, it tastes so much better than the regular beef jerky products you would usually get from convenience stores because it has no aftertaste. If you like beef jerky, you would know what I mean. This snack is something you can definitely eat anytime, anywhere! Stuck in a long class, shift, or meeting? Tear this snack open and you will survive! The package is so simple, all you have to do is chew.

On a diet? Fret not, because this protein snack will definitely suit your paleo or keto diet. There is no need to worry about ruining your diet or your efforts to work out. This healthy beef snack exists to let you snack in the healthiest way possible. 

What makes this product and company more awesome is that it takes its name to heart. Mission Meats is partnered with EDUCATE! They help the youth in Africa by educating them through different sessions of training for leadership, entrepreneurship, and workforce readiness skills to help prepare them in starting businesses that will improve their lives.

Mission Meats is also working with BonZeb, an organization that helps farmers, small business owners, and local communities in Haiti to grow, manufacture, and sell cheaper and sustainable charcoal.

Lastly, Mission Meats has also teamed up with Perspectives, an award-winning human service agency located in St. Louis Park, Minneapolis to address society’s pressing issues such as homelessness, poor nutrition, poverty, addiction, mental illness, and lack of access to services. Perspectives works with mothers and their children.

Snacking is part of our lives. Yes, it can be a harmful thing if you do it mindlessly. However, if you snack responsibly, then the advantages will far outweigh the cons.



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