The Best Pre and Post Workout Supplement

The Best Pre and Post Workout Supplement

Starting your weight loss journey can spark a lot of things you never knew you are capable of or even like. Also, you will do whatever it takes to keep you motivated. When I started working out, I was into workout clothes. I would always be on the lookout for workout apparel. It was my way of keeping myself motivated and tracking my progress (It’s victory whenever I go down a few sizes). Eventually, my “inspiration” became trainers, meal plans, and health supplements.

A cousin of mine recently started his fitness journey. Just like everybody else, he also acquired a “motivation” - his was fitness supplements. Knowing that I have some information and have started my journey earlier than he did, he came to me and sought advice on L-Carnitine plus Protein supplements. He wanted to know what it was and how it can help the body in achieving its goals.

What Is L-Carnitine 3000MG Plus Protein?

L-Carnitine is probably the most used supplement when it comes to weight loss - and for a very good reason. L- Carnitine, an amino acid known as the “ferry”, transports long-chain fatty acids from the blood into the mitochondria to be burned and used as fuel or energy. It is naturally found in the body. However, our body needs help in producing it, because without adequate L-Carnitine, long-chain fatty acids cannot go into the mitochondria to be burned and converted into energy.

I personally understand why people have chosen and used L-Carnitine as a part of their weight loss journey. It gives them that much-needed energy whenever they feel too tired (or maybe unmotivated) to work out. But you know what makes it more special? As you use it and as you get used to working out, it does not only give you energy, but also builds your fatigue resistance. L-Carnitine helps increase your blood flow and the production of your nitric oxide production which helps delay the burn and lengthen your staying power.

Now, what happens if it is combined with a significant amount of protein? Protein is the building block of muscles. When you increase your protein or your protein intake, you are giving your muscles an easier time to recover from a strenuous workout and at the same time help them grow faster. However, you should know that protein does not, in any way, replace fat loss supplements.

When you combine L-Carnitine and protein together, it is no doubt that it will work to your advantage. This supplement will give you the fuel you need and also take care of your muscles after your workout. It is definitely a pre and post-workout supplement you want to integrate into your weight loss regimen.

If you want to enjoy the best workouts you have yet to experience and a smooth muscle recovery, go and check out my go-to brand, Nutra Botanics’ L-Carnitine 3000MG Plus Protein!

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