L-Carnitine 5000: All the Help You Need!

L-Carnitine 5000: All the Help You Need!

Do you keep trying to lose weight, but it just keeps finding you? Does diet always start tomorrow for you? Or worse, are you on a “see-food” diet?

It’s time we put an end to that!

Losing weight is an uphill climb. People do it for different reasons, but the process is the same for everyone – difficult. Sometimes, when we do something difficult, even though we hate admitting it, we. Need. HELP!

That’s exactly what Nutra Botanic’s L- Carnitine 5000 wants to do for us - to help.


L- Carnitine, an amino acid known as the “ferry”, transports long-chain fatty acids from the blood into the mitochondria to be burned and used as fuel or energy. Now, if you want to utilize and maximize fat as efficiently and as effectively as possible, L-Carnitine is what you need. Without adequate L-Carnitine, most fats cannot get into the mitochondria and be converted into energy. Another beautiful thing about L-Carnitine is that it does this cellular work when you exercise and even when resting. However, studies confirm that it is particularly effective during intense exercise.

L-Carnitine is not just for those who are looking to cut. It’s also for those who wish to bulk up. It helps limit fat gains to achieve a “cleaner” bulk. It is no secret that to achieve our ideal body, it involves rigorous exercise and training. For those who work out regularly,  L- Carnitine has been proven to help in fatigue resistance and recovery. It also increases oxygen supply to the muscles. It is known to increase blood flow and nitric oxide production that helps delay the “burn” and prolongs your staying power. Hence, you get the most out of your gym sessions.

Eccentric muscle effort, a fancy term otherwise known as a long day in the gym, is known to induce delayed muscle soreness, which simply means going up and down the stairs is going to be difficult. Usually, this kind of pain is not responsive to the most common analgesic agents. However, according to a study, L-Carnitine significantly reduces pain and tenderness from, well, all the squats!

Our physical health is not the only aspect we should keep a close eye  on. Placing premium on our mental health is essential, too. A study conducted in Italy, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, has found that L-Carnitine has not only decreased fatigue, but also improved cognitive function. In conjunction to its brain function benefits, L-Carnitine also enhances blood flow to the muscles,which means more nutrients and hormones go where they are needed most during exercise.

L- Carnitine is produced in the body and also found in small amounts in certain types of food. However, its natural production needs help; much like how we need help in our respective weight loss journeys. You will find a ton of brands in the market selling a l carnitine 3000 dosage in liquid format . If you want maximum benefits and results you have to try our High Dosage Liquid L Carnitine 5000 - it just might be the help you’ve been waiting for.

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