Fluffiest Keto-Friendly Pancake Mix Alternative

Fluffiest Keto-Friendly Pancake Mix Alternative

Another all-time breakfast-slash-snack favorite of many is the pancake! I still vividly remember wolfing down three to four pieces of pancakes, slathering each of them with butter and maple syrup, and eating them with #NoRegrets. That was when I was a child and blissfully ignorant of the consequences of my actions.

Now that I am older, I am “wiser”. Thankfully (Or should I say sadly), I can no longer eat pancakes without thinking about how I have to make penance. Well, I’m pretty sure I am not alone, right, guys? Food is part of our lives. No matter how strict your diet is, a person’s still got to eat. After all, getting rid of fat is 90% what you eat and 10% of exercise. I believe this. Even if you exercise five, six times a week, if you eat junk, you will render your hard work moot.

With this in mind, plus the fact that I am not one to deprive myself of healthy and delicious food, I set out on a search for instant and keto-friendly pancake mix for days when I need something to look forward to. Even as a child, pancakes have always been a special treat. We don’t always have it and so we cherish the times we get to eat it.

It is no secret that I have been fighting fat with fat through the ketogenic diet. If you want to learn more about the ketogenic or keto diet and how it burns fat you can read about it here. Naturally, I looked for an instant pancake mix that is low-carb and keto-friendly. In my search, I came across keto-friendly recipes that are easy to follow. The recipe I found most interesting calls for ground psyllium husk powder. This is how I came across Healthworks Psyllium Husk Powder.

What Is Psyllium?

Psyllium is a soluble fiber that comes from the seeds of Plantago ovata which can be found in India. It is commonly used as a dietary supplement and it comes in different forms like husk, granules, capsules, or powder. This can also be found and used for cereals and other baked goods.

Psyllium’s primary active ingredient is Metamucil. Metamucil is a fiber supplement known to address constipation. Because psyllium has excellent water solubility, it absorbs water and forms a thick, viscous compound. It resists digestion so it aids in regulating high cholesterol, triglycerides, and sugar levels.

Apart from relieving constipation, psyllium is also known to help in weight loss, boost satiety, has prebiotic effects, and is good for the heart. It also supports colon and intestinal health and helps form healthy stool.




Now, let’s go back to today’s product.

Healthworks Psyllium Husk Powder is fiber-packed. In fact, each teaspoon contains 4 grams of fiber. It is naturally gluten-free. Before we proceed with all the good stuff about Healthworks Psyllium Husk Powder, let’s get to know Healthworks as a company. Healthworks was born out of the realization that a healthy diet does matter. Since 2003, they continue improving diets to focus on raw and nutrient-dense superfoods. What inspired Healthworks to continue doing the good work is the discovery that healthy food is often times exorbitantly expensive. Healthworks is committed to bringing health products without breaking the bank.

Healthworks Psyllium Husk Powder is Certified Organic by Organic Certifiers. It is raw, pure, and all-natural. It has no added ingredients and gluten-free as well. The best thing about Healthworks Psyllium Husk Powder is that it is hand selected from small, sustainable farmers.

Following the recipe I found online, I woke up early the next day to prepare my keto-friendly pancake. I followed the recipe down to a T. When I finished, I noticed that the pancakes were so fluffy! Surprisingly fluffier than a normal pancake!

The taste is not that different from pancakes made from flour, only psyllium pancakes are a little grainy when it comes to texture. After finishing two medium servings, I was full already! I cannot believe it. To make my breakfast of the champions complete, I also drank Nutra Botanics’ L-Carnitine 5000MG. I am now prepared to take on the day!

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