Delicious, Filling, and Keto-Friendly Snack Bar

Delicious, Filling, and Keto-Friendly Snack Bar

There is never a bad time for snacks. In fact, when you are on a diet, specifically the ketogenic or keto diet, it is encouraged that you snack in between meals. Provided, of course, that your snacks are keto-friendly and help you burn fat.

If there is one thing I have learned about myself when it comes to working out and disciplining myself about eating, it is that I always come up with excuses. I am not proud of it, and I am sure I’m not alone, but making excuses is the number one reason we think we cannot reach our fitness goals. I do recognize, though, that there are legitimate health reasons it is harder for some people to lose weight.

“It’s so hard to diet; the food is not yummy”, “Gym memberships are so expensive”, “I’m busy”; these are some of my most used excuses. I have come to realize that these excuses will bring me nowhere except to self-destruction. I don’t want to be so unhealthy to the point that I’m getting sick all the time. So, I quit making excuses and forced myself to do little changes, which eventually led to big changes. Precisely the reason I chose to do the ketogenic or keto diet. It is the easiest diet I have done. It allows me to eat satisfying meals and snacks. Before you whine and say how difficult it is to find keto-friendly snacks, let me stop you right there. I shall invoke the saying, “If there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Keto-friendly snacks run aplenty. It is just up to us to look. That’s exactly what I did. I want to talk to you about the Love Good Fats.

Love Good Fats is actually under the company Suzie’s Good Fats. it was founded by none other than, Suzie. Just like us, she was also against fat in the beginning and so she had everything in “low fat”. In her words, she neglected good nutrition through stressful times in her life and her body suffered. For the last three years, Suzie has been researching nutrition and debunking all the misinformation about sugar and fats. That is how Love Good Fats came to be.

Love Good Fats come in four original variants: peanut butter chocolatey, mint chocolate chip, coconut chocolate chip, and rich chocolatey almond. Today’s take on Love Good Fats will focus on the rich chocolatey almond.

The main ingredients of Love Good Fats are fats blend (almond butter, organic palm stearin, coconut oil), chocolate flavored coating, and sliced almonds. Love Good Fats is loaded with good and healthy fats like almond butter, chocolate, butters, coconut, coconut oil, cocoa, dark chocolate, and other good fats. Each bar weighs 39 grams. It has 210 calories, 14 grams of fat with just 4 grams of net carbs, and only 2 grams of low sugar.

With all these in mind, Love Good Fats fits perfectly right into the ketogenic or keto diet. Wasting no breath, I decided to place an order. When my purchase finally arrived, I was feeling a little hungry (wink wink) so I decided to taste it right away. Upon taking the first bite, I immediately felt the chewiness and crunch brought by the almonds. It was the perfect texture. I had to read the Nutrition Facts to make sure that this is not violating my ketogenic diet. To combat my worry, I even saw that Love Good Fats has the right macro split that will help keep me in ketosis! Meaning to say, this will keep me burn more fat while eating something delicious.

Disciplining ourselves to be healthy should not mean deprivation. We can still eat delicious and healthy food. It is up to us to find and make the effort to make this possible.

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