Coconut Oil Pills VS Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil Pills VS Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil Pills VS Coconut Oil: Which Product is Better for You

Coconut oil is made of a type of saturated fat, it’s the healthy kind that keeps the heart strong and resistant to serious ailments! This nut oil is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that reduce the risk of inflammation. Usually, coconut oil is consumed by the spoonful and is often sold in bottles and tubs. But if you're planning on taking coconut oil regularly, go for the pill form.

Back when coconut oil's popularity exploded, the oil was and is sold in jars. That's because coconut oil pills were not widely available then. To take coconut oil, you have to ingest a spoonful of the oil or mix it into a hot beverage. Unfortunately, not all people are too fond of taking any type of oil orally so it was not long before coconut oil came in pill form.

Why Coconut Oil Pills are Better than Bottled Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil Pills vs Coconut Oil: Travel-Friendly

A large tub of coconut oil is not exactly travel-friendly. It’s not only bulky, there’s a good chance that the tub might leak when carrying it around! It’s nice to know that coconut oil pills are easy to carry so you can take them whenever and wherever. This product is perfect for anyone who leads an active lifestyle. Just take a pill before heading out and you are done.

If you are in a rush, you can simply stow a bottle of coconut oil pills in your purse or backpack and you’re good to go. The same thing can be said if you are flying, no need to lug around a bottle of coconut oil. You can simply store a couple of coconut oil pills in your pillbox and take them at a later time.

Coconut Oil Pills vs Coconut Oil: Longer Shelf Life

Each time you open a tub of coconut oil, you are exposing the product to the elements. Coconut oil, especially the extra virgin kind, is quite sensitive to temperatures. Repeated exposure to oxygen may decrease its shelf life and affect its overall quality. That’s because any type of fat could turn rancid at certain temperatures.

Coconut oil that comes in pill form has a longer shelf life because the oil is sealed within the gel capsule. Opening a bottle of coconut oil pills will not expose the product to the air nor would it increase the risk of cross-contamination. It is worth noting that the gel capsule is often made from animal-derived collagen. If you’re vegan, look for coconut oil pills made from plant-derived capsules.

Coconut Oil Pills vs Coconut Oil: Retained Potency

Some people prefer to cook with coconut oil rather than taking it as is orally. Cooking with coconut oil is not the best way to maximize its health benefits. Why? Although coconut oil has a moderate smoking point, the heat will degrade the oil. This means the nutritional value of the oil will be diminished once exposed to extreme heat. This goes especially for extra virgin coconut oil.

Since coconut oil pills are not exposed to extreme temperatures, the potency of the oil remains unchanged. This means you are getting the maximum nutrients of the oil with zero degradation. If you are taking coconut oil for better health, pill form coconut oil is your best bet.

Coconut Oil Pills vs Coconut Oil: Easy to Take

Coconut oil has a mild, nutty flavor and a somewhat slimy, thick mouth-feel. Not all people are fond of coconut oil’s texture and flavor. If you find coconut oil’s texture and flavor off-putting, you are better off taking it in pill form. Just dry swallow  a pill or take it with a glass of water, it’s that simple.

Coconut Oil Pills vs Coconut Oil: Better Control over the Dose

Some people have a sensitive stomach and taking large amounts of coconut oil may lead to stomachaches, gastric distress, or even diarrhea. People who suffer from gut imbalance are also likely to suffer from gastric distress from taking uncontrolled doses of coconut oil.

Coconut oil capsules come in smaller doses, which is perfect for those who just started taking the oil. When you have better control over the amount of coconut oil pills that you take, your body is able to adjust to the dose gradually without triggering gastric issues.


Coconut oil pills vs coconut oil: which product is the right one for you? While both products are similar, taking coconut oil in pill form is better for those who dislike taking coconut oil orally or those who’d like to maximize the health benefits of the oil. Coconut oil pills are not only conveniently packed and easy to take; they have a longer shelf life too.

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