Best Supplement to Burn Fat and Build Muscle

Best Supplement to Burn Fat and Build Muscle

In my previous post, we have discussed the danger of merely losing weight. I cited how you can just as well lose weight when you lose a leg. What’s more dangerous is another reason you could be losing weight is that you are also losing muscle. So more importantly, we have to focus on burning fat rather than just superficially losing weight.

To go in-depth with the fat-burning process, let me tell you how it happens.

Let’s get down to business, to defeat the fats…

The fat cell we call adipocyte does not move. It just stays right where they are, much to our dismay. This is the reason we do not see those washboard abs beneath all the flabs, because the fat cells are stationary. The fat is inside the adipocyte is in the form of triaglycerol. This fat cannot be burned if it is inside the fat cell, adipocyte. It must be freed! Are you still following?

When the “prisoned” fat triaglycerol is stimulated, it will be liberated into the bloodstream as free fatty acids, which are brought to through the blood, and eventually to the tissues where the body needs energy.

But then let’s get into the more detailed process. For this to happen, hydrolysis or fat breakdown splits triaglycerol into glycerol plus three fatty acids. Sensitive lipase (HSL) makes this happen and acts as the catalyst. The stored fat is then released into the bloodstream in the form of free fatty acids (FFA) then ferried to muscles where energy is needed. When blood flow increases headed to the active muscles, the more FFAs are brought to the muscles that need energy.

Lipoprotein lipase or LPL helps the FFAs to enter the mitochondria. Altogether now, “Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.” The mitochondrion (mitochondria) is where fats go to die and be transformed into energy. This is where L-Carnitine comes in. L-Carnitine is an amino acid that also helps transport long-chain fatty acids into the mitochondria. This means it can double up the speed of FFA burning, thus more energy and faster fat loss. Pretty helpful, right?

But the real question is...

What triggers the triaglycerol also known as prisoned fat?

It is very simple. Your body needs to need energy when you are consuming fewer calories. Because you are creating a calorie deficit, the body has no choice but to signal to your fat cells and ask for help.

Once FFAs are released from the fat cell, the fat, in turn, shrinks. That’s how you “lose weight”.


So, how can we ensure that we free fat cells on a regular basis in order to shed off pounds?

First, create a caloric deficit! Make sure that you eat less (but still healthy), so your body has no choice but to tap the fats for energy.

Second, keep moving! But, learn how to pace your exercises. Remember, you are not eating much so it will take time for you to recover. Also, overdoing the exercises can cause muscle loss. To prevent this, make sure that you make protein a staple in your diet. Because protein is the building block of our muscles.

If you want to burn fat, build and protect your muscles, but do not want the extra and unwanted calories, I have the perfect solution for you, all bottled in one perfect concoction: Nutra Botanics’ L-Carnitine 3000 mg Plus Protein! This is by far the best supplement to burn fat and build muscle I have tried so far. No need for two separate supplements anymore.

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