CLA Pills Benefits for weight loss

CLA Pills Benefits for weight loss

Benefits of taking a CLA Supplement

CLA or Conjugated Linoleic Acid helps in reducing body fat. You think you’re getting enough CLA in your diet?

So, what does CLA pills do in our body?


When taking the proper amounts of CLA, the body is able to reduce the amount of fat entering your cells. This is done by increasing your body’s metabolic rate and the way it processes the nutrients that are taken from what you’ve consumed. With higher in take amounts of CLA, the fatty acid that’s found in the linoleic acid will be taken away from the foods that you consume and will send it through the bloodstream to the liver and muscle cells in order to provide more energy.


When fat is sent to liver and muscle cells, you will benefit from the increase energy due to the fact that the fat is processed much more efficiently that way. If the fatty acids is sent to other cells, it will not provide the necessary energy you need and possibly lead to accumulation of body fat.

Mostly, people consume approximately 15mg to 174mg of CLA. 

in order to achieve optimum effectiveness of fatty acid, you need to take at last 3,400mg of CLA daily. The grass-fed animals contain five-times more CLA as compared to others, so buying of poultry and organic meat would increase your CLA intake. High CLA levels were also found in butter, eggs, and dairy products.

Another way to increase CLA intake is through supplementing. When buying CLA supplements, it is very important to consider looking for products with the safflower oil. The softgels should have 1,250 of safflower oil, which would translate to 1,000mg of CLA. Those that are made of the sunflower oil don’t contain as much fatty acid to provide the necessary amount to achieved CLA’s maximum effectiveness.


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