All About Colon Cleansing: How Much Weight Will You Lose with Super Colon Cleanse?

All About Colon Cleansing: How Much Weight Will You Lose with Super Colon Cleanse?

Going on a colon cleanse? The colon processes about 5 pounds of waste every day. Doing a colon cleanse is an effective way of eliminating waste, promoting quick weight loss, and maintaining better colon health. While there are many ways of purging the colon, the most convenient way of cleansing the colon is to take a colon cleanser such as Super Colon Cleanse.

What is Super Colon Cleanse?

Super Colon Cleanse is an all-natural colon cleansing made with herbs and probiotics. This product provides gentle internal cleansing while also aiding in the digestive process. Super Colon Cleanse is made with senna leaf powder, psyllium husk powder, L. acidophilus, fennel, and other natural herbs that sweep the colon clean of waste and pathogens.

The main ingredient of Super Colon Cleanse is senna leaf powder, a stimulant that facilitates contractions throughout the colon. These contractions help move waste along, to be excreted by the body. The lack of contractions in the colon can lead to the build-up of fecal matter and cause constipation. If the body does not excrete the fecal matter and waste immediately, it could lead to a variety of serious conditions.

Taking the right dose of Super Colon Cleanse can lead to a bowel movement in 6 to 12 hours. Since this product is made from fiber-rich ingredients, you need to drink more water to facilitate bowel movement.

Super Colon Cleanse is sold in powder or pill form. The powdered Super Colon Cleanse contains 12-ounce of products. The pill form, on the other hand, contains 60 to 480 pills per bottle. The price depends on the number of pills per bottle but a bottle that contains 480 pills will set you back $19.48.

Complete List of Ingredients

  • Senna leaf - 562 mg.
  • Psyllium husk powder - 1 gram
  • Fennel seed - 90 mg.
  • Peppermint - 76 mg.
  • Papaya - 90 mg.
  • Rose hips - 38 mg.
  • Buckthorn bark - 38 mg.
  • Barberry root - 38 mg.
  • Celery root - 38 mg.
  • Acidophilus -

A serving of Super Colon Cleanse contains about 10 calories. This product is free of corn, dairy, egg, fish, gluten, peanut, salt, shellfish, soy, starch, sugar, tree nut, wheat, yeast

How Much Weight Will You Lose with Super Colon Cleanse?

This product is designed to help people who are suffering from mild to moderate constipation, individuals who’d like to increase their fiber intake and others who simply want to do a colon cleanse. It can cause the user to lose weight although the product is not marketed as a weight loss product.

The weight you’ll lose from taking Super Colon Cleanse is not attributed to fat burning but rather, from losing a significant amount of waste. In short, this product will not make you lose 20 pounds magically.

Depending on how irregular your bowel movement is, you could lose a pound or two from taking Super Colon Cleanse but only temporarily. You will gain back the weight you lost once you start eating again. If you want to lose the extra weight and keep it off permanently, you have to exercise regularly and stick to a low-carbohydrate, high-protein diet.

Some users, however, swear that the Super Colon Cleanse helped them maintain a normal weight. The product reduces bloating, which shrinks the waistline and the limbs, albeit temporarily.

How to Use the Super Colon Cleanse?

According to the label, the Super Colon Cleanse should be taken three times a day. As for the dose, take a maximum of 4 capsules, downing each pill with 10-12 oz. of water, juice or other beverage. Children 12 years old and under can take Super Colon Cleanse but limit the dose to 2 capsules, three times a day. Children over the age of 6 can also take the Super Colon Cleanse but the pills must be halved.

It is important to increase your water intake while taking Super Colon Cleanse because the product is formulated with psyllium husk powder. If say, you experienced unusual side effects such as loose stool, abdominal pain, or diarrhea, stop taking Super Colon Cleanse immediately and have yourself checked by a doctor. Something more significant could be going on.

Super Colon Cleanse is not meant to be taken constantly. It should only be used periodically as an aid to purge the colon.

Benefits of Using Super Colon Cleanse


While Super Colon Cleanse is the leading colon cleanser on the market, it is also one of the most affordable. A bottle that contains 120 capsules cost about $10.99, depending on the retailer. Depending on the size of the bottle, a serving of Super Colon Cleanse costs a measly $0.04.

High Quality, All Natural Ingredients

Super Colon Cleanse is formulated with high quality, all-natural ingredients. Reading the labels, the ingredients are familiar and identifiable. A quick search online gives you all the information you need about each ingredient. Super Colon Cleanse is one of the few colon cleansers that children ages 12 to 6 years old can use. In addition, the maker of Super Colon Cleanse is a trusted brand with a good reputation.

No Gimmicks

Super Colon Cleanse is a well-received product that’s been available on the market for years. It has garnered glowing reviews from independent reviewers and users. The brand doesn't make outlandish claims or resort to gimmicks to attract buyers.

Easy to Follow Instructions

The instructions are simple and easy to follow. Perfect for people who are looking for straightforward products to cleanse the colon.

While the Super Colon Cleanse has a lot to offer, some consumers say that the product is no different from an ordinary laxative. Others say that although there were noticeable improvements in bowel movement, the product was not as effective in elimination as other products. It’s also worth noting that the Super Colon Cleanse has no clear money back guarantee or policy on return purchases.

Final Thoughts

As one of the leading brands of colon cleansers in the business, the Super Colon Cleanse is a trusted product that generated hundreds of independent reviews. As a weight loss aid, the product could help you maintain a normal weight but the Super Colon Cleanse is not marketed as a weight loss product. Overall, the Super Colon Cleanse is an effective colon cleanser, a mild and all-natural product for people who suffer from irregular bowel movement and digestive issues.  

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