How Long Does It Take to Burn Fat?

How Long Does It Take to Burn Fat?

It is our human nature to be impatient; especially over things that we do not like doing.

You have come to decide that it is time for you to do something about your fitness situation. You eat healthy and exercise regularly, but you just can’t help and ask, “How long does it take to burn fat or achieve those washboard abs?”

This is probably the reason people easily give up on their fitness journey. They treat it as if it were a race. Friends, let me tell you now - your fitness journey will always be different from the others. No one is telling you to hurry or keep up. You do you. If you keep on focusing on the time frames, and overnight results, then you will only grow frustrated, and this may eventually lead to just throwing in the towel.

However, I still get asked time frame questions about various goals when it comes to everyone’s fitness journeys, so I did my best to do a research.

How Long Does It Take to Shed Off the Pounds?

A person can lose between half a pound to 2 pounds each week. This is a conservative estimate if you are faithful to your healthy eating habits and exercise. This is the most realistic and sustainable rate of weight loss one can easily do.

See, the thing why no one can answer this question specifically is because it depends entirely on how much a person has to lose. So, even if two individuals exert equal effort to lose weight, if the other only has 10 pounds to go and the other a hundred more, then the latter will definitely take longer.

However, if you have more to lose, you can lose it faster, especially in the early stages of exercise. As opposed to someone who is down to the last ten pounds, who, at an average only lose 1 to 2 pounds a week, because there is not much to lose anymore.

...What About Washboard Abs?

How long does it take to get washboard abs?

Truth be told, my answer won’t differ much from the previous one. Thing is, the reason you can’t seem to get those washboard abs you’ve been dreaming of is because you do not engage your abs enough. You might need to recalibrate the kind of training you do. Hey, this is absolutely not to say you need those fancy machines and special kind of exercises.

It’s pretty simple: the nasty fats are concealing your beautiful and should-be exposed six-pack.

So, how long will it take until the six-pack revelation? Again, this depends on how long it will take you to lose fat. Losing fat and achieving your six-pack is correlative. The only thing is we do not lose fat from the same body parts in exactly the same order. All you can really do is eat healthy and exercise regularly because while you say that you are losing an X number of pounds, we cannot say for sure where those pounds come from.

How Do I Reach My Body Goals ASAP?

I want you to keep in mind that the estimates I gave you today are born out of the best case scenarios. What do I mean? I mean, this will only happen if you stick to your exercise regimen and healthy eating habits. If you don’t, then don’t expect to lose anything at all.

Each body is different. As I’ve said earlier, your fitness journey is not a race. No one will tell you that you are going way too slow. What matters is that you run the race well.

And if you do need a little help in destroying those stubborn fats, then here’s a little help.

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